Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How should I spend my preparation time? (International Mongering)

Advertising?  Perusing advertisements (whether they be on the internet, in a newspaper, or on one of those sexy business cards) CAN work, but it can be very risky, very costly, and it isn't for everyone.  Keep this in mind… whenever possible, you should back up advertisements with actual reviews.  Scouring the ads is what you do when all else fails.
How about WORD-of-MOUTH? Basically, we're talking REFERRALS here. A good referral from a friend or business associate can be very valuable.  However, these referrals are often for professional services.  Think about it.  Who’s going to refer you to their girlfriend they plan to see again?  On the other hand, if their girlfriend has a friend you may have found an excellent source of leads.  WOM can definitely be a good thing. 
So what about SOCIAL MEDIA? If you’re starting from scratch in your search for an erotic encounter there is no better place than SOCIAL MEDIA.
The question should not be, "Which social media site is best?" The question SHOULD be "HOW can I use and leverage multiple social media sites to give me more choices from my search?"
In the next installment we’ll take a quick look at some social media sites where you might leverage your opportunities for erotic encounters with willing partners. 

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